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Supposed to get this list done by end of 2017, but as usual was cyber slacking in the cyber space

To do list for this quarter. 2 more to go.

1. Create database in cpanel – Done
2. Cron job for mass input of database values
3. Visualization of output at fronted
4. Go through video of BCP at Udemy – Done


Few of people I know are playing this financial whack a mole. When the mole comes out, you just whack a bit of your cash on it.


A close friend told me his problem of spending all his money and then even getting into credit card debt which was in the 5 figures and then each time monthly, they will pay off a little of the minimum sum so as not to incur the late payment fees charge.

late payment

Seems like it is actually quite common for Millennials to get into this predicament, so would like to highlight how to stop this big and important problem.

Rule 1 : If you cannot handle debt, do not get a credit card. Like Uncle Ben said “With great powers come great responsibility”

uncle ben

Credit now enable us to spend something we will need to pay back in the future, thus it creates a cycle in which your future self will have lesser spending money.

Rule 2 : Always pay yourself first. Set aside a fixed percentage of your salary to be saved, it might be in a bank with no ATM card, an automatic transfer to purchase Singapore Savings Bond or whatever. Always pay your future self with that cash. For me I use SSB as it is really difficult for me to take the money out.

pay yourself

Rule 3 : Create a budget of what is your saving percentage. In this way, you can calculate how much money you will need to survive if you are no longer working. Start with a fixed recurring bills, insurance. You should at least try to save 20% of the liquid cash for a rainy day.

savings rate

Rule 4 : Get a rainy day fund worth about 6 months of your salary. This is for unforeseen circumstances such as retrenchment or hospitalization.


Rule 5 : Get a cheap hobby and cut the fats. Consume less and look at how you can reduce spending.

With these I hope we can slowly stop our financial whack a mole.

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Crypto Meme

The best thing about crypto is that it is full of MeMe. Enjoy your day even when its a down day.


Is it only me? Or does this feels like a terrible idea