Bought VWRD : Vanguard FTSE all world


Bought VWRD : Vanguard FTSE all world on the weakness of the market due to the Russian Ruble collapse. Magnus Energy fell to 0.004 and thus the spreadsheet was unable to capture the correct pricing. I will leave it as it is as I have bought into Magnus Energy when I was ignorant and wanted to play with the penny stocks market. It has now become a freezer or stuck counter


Portfolio – Dec 2014


Portfolio Dropped 9.2% as of Dec – 2014, mainly due to the drop in gold and silver prices as I got vested in the high end at $1600 and $29 respectively. Weakness of portfolio is the overweight in property counters and precious metals.

Investing notes for 2015

1.  To reduce or maintain precious metal  percentage without adding on to new positions, firstly due to the fact that precious metals do not give out cash flow or dividends. Only reason I should add on to a precious metal position would be to re balance the Permanent portfolio.

2.  It will be inevitable that most of my stock picks will be in the property sector due to the fact that I am using an undervalued net tangible asset approach, focus will be more on companies which give out perpetual dividends in order to get vested safely.