Ultra 2018 lineup

Only went for the 3 acts of day 1 and the last 2 acts of day2

ultra lineup

Day 1 : Nicky Romero 

nicky romero

Ranked 50 but was quite ok.

Day 1 : Steve Angello 

steve angelo

Best of the 3 days.

Day 1 : DJ Snake 

DJ Snake

Not my style, left within 30 mins. When I was going through the exit, seemed like there were a lot of people who had the same sentiments

Day 2 : Afrojack


Kinda weird style where his music has no drop. And went silent before the next.

Day 2 : Above and Beyond

above and beyond

Lots of people leaving when the supposedly finale was playing, 3 lao ah pek playing retro EDM and slow songs. Was surprisingly good for me. I kinda enjoyed it. But left earlier as my friend did not really like this.

My ranking for this Ultra 2018 is like this.

  1. Steve Angello
  2. Above and beyond
  3. Nicky Romero
  4. Afrojack
  5. DJ Snake

You learn something new everyday.

  • Ranking means nothing if the style doesn’t suit you. 

– You might be book smart throughout in life, however if you do not do something which is 2nd nature to you in life when you grow up, no matter how good your scores, and papers are, you are susceptible to failure eventually as time will slowly wear you down.

  • What you like, your friends might not like thus if you are out having a night out with other people, you often might need to compromise.

– If you are super stubborn and cannot compromise, its best you go solo whenever you do anything, so you won’t spoil the night.

  • Steve Angello should be out there with the top 50s since he is 1/3 of the swedish house mafia, somehow he dropped 52 places to 82 however he still rocks.

-Form is temporary, class is always permanent.


Arbitrage Bot UML Diagram

In a nutshell.

  1. Bot Class will be the main class.
  2. Bot will call the constructor for Exchange(Both subclass).
  3. Exchange Subclass will call the fileHandler class to get its endPoint, ApiKey and API secret which it will than go into the garbage collector once Exchange subclass is being instantiated.
  4. Bot Class will then call the getOrderBook Method for both exchanges .
  5. The methods of the subclasses for exchanges might need to go through the hashingAndEncoding class to hash and encode their HTTP Request before posting.
  6. Once the JSON returns back, and goes back into the Bot Main class, decision maker will be called to place order, cancel order or do nothing.