Basics of hashing

Hashing has been quite a mysterious thing for me. So decided to research more on it.

Download python for the example code below
Python shell

Code :

import hashlib

md5 = hashlib.md5()

md5.update(‘This is a test hash’)
print md5.hexdigest()

Example 1 :
hash 1 produces a 32 bit char hash
hashing 1

Example 2 :
hash 2 produces 3 32 bit char hash regardless of what is the input.
Do note the 1st picture hash output is the same as example 1 which shows that the same input will always give the same output.
hashing 2

Example 3 :
hash 3 produces 4 32 but char hash, however even though we put in the same text, the output for 3 and 4 is different. So for the same input, we are considering the whole bunch as 1

hash test 3

Example 4 :
now we try to change the text in the 2nd line, we notice that everything from the 2nd line onwards changes, even the 3rd and 4th line, even though we did not change it
hash test 4

The order of input is important.



Apologies are simple if you are not sincere
Hard if you want to be sincere
Extremely hard if you want to be authentic


After the dip in all crypto, realized I have been a naive person for the past 4 months. What goes up must come down.

eth usd ta

ETH is stronger than BTC and for it to hit the 50 week MA is quite difficult.

If you are not urgent, set some buy order at 650-700 and 400 (unlikely to hit).

Long Vacation

Binged watched Long vacation during the last 2 days.

long vacation

Story is about Japan in 1996 where most people are not having stable jobs and doing part time jobs. People supported each other emotionally as all the lives were tough. Somehow somewhere along the line we have forgotten that life was supposed to be tough, and blame all sorts of things, from people up til jobs, etc……

lesser but happier

We have somehow forgotten how to live in the moment, probably due to how connected we are. The next time you wish to look at the world through a black screen, remember humans are not born to communicate with the world through a screen.

Anyway after 20 plus years, this is how she looks like now. Can you believe she is 50 plus? She has aged damn well. 🙂

tomoko yamaguchi

One of my fav not hot actress.


How I self sabotaged myself in 2017

By not setting boundaries.

Learn how you can setup your own boundaries in life. Because people will be pushing you to test you on what is your limit.


People WILL test, push and disrespect your limits. You’ll know you’re getting healthier when this doesn’t get an emotional reaction out of you. When your boundaries are your core beliefs, you will not get riled up if you are tested.

Lessons from ZW

Lessons from ZW
There’s this guy whom I have known for around 19 years. In the recent years got back to meeting him due to weekly basketball games. He is a quiet person who does not speak much, however if you really observe him, there are tons of life lessons which I have learnt from him.

Lesson 1 : Treat life as a marathon and not a 100m race.

He is a damn good basketball player and he knows it as well. However when he plays with us, he usually tones down his game such that he won’t be owning us. I believe that he understands the fact that energy is an expensive commodity and he treats each session as a marathon, and not a 100m race.

Lesson 2 : Be prepared like batman

I assume his style would be changing as soon as the players get more skilled. He reads the game very well and adapts to the growing difficulty level. Much like Bitcoin lol. He is prepared for any difficulty level in the realm of basketball, however does not overcompensate and uses just neccesary energy to tackle each one of them.

Lesson 3 : When you help people without requiring anything else in return, that’s the higest form of giving

Because of lesson 2, he adapts his difficulty level to help to challenge you such that you can grow in the realm of basketball. However he does so without wanting anything else in return which is truly applaudable.

If you have a friend like ZW, you know you have a good life.