Psych life part 3

Location / activity : this next scene shows A driving in his car while the smart phone vibrated. A then reaches home and is greeted by a Siri sounding artificial Intelligence software which we later know as the psych life app.

Siri : welcome home A

A : give me a summary of my health index and today’s events Siri

Siri: there has been an anomaly in your psych index , it spiked at 20% while Josh was talking to you and it has been unstable since.

A: well it was probably due to the fact I was working with a whole bunch of imbeciles. ……. Enough of this, Siri is there anything I should do to keep my psych index back to the healthy range.

Siri : you would probably like to order a happiness in a box set, we have specially data mine all your social networks and geospatial data to specifically derive at…….

A: just send it to me now. I’m feeling so lousy right now. 

Siri : would your like to purchase it with our special tie in partner amazon and then complete the purchase with Android Pay, this would be the best option. 

A: ok whatever you say Siri

Siri: would you like to set these 2 settings as default , so I will not be asking you again. 

A: please do Siri.

After which the app begin flipping through A’s social media pictures and stopped at a pictures titled the happiest day in my life. A was smiling with his fiance B and eating chocolate fondue.


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