my heart sutra journey 1


while practicing deeply withthe Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore,suddenly discovered that all of the five Skandhas are equally empty,and with this realisation he overcame all Ill-being.

The 5 skandas are

  • Material Form (rūpa)
  • Feelings (vedanā)
  • Perception (saññā)
  • Mental Formations (saṅkhāra)
  • Consciousness (viññāṇa)

Material is form the other 4 are mental. Everything in the universe is made up of all these 5 skandas. In short everything is either form or mental or both.

Empty in this has a context. For example if you have a cup full of water and you drink it, now the cup is empty of water but it is full of air. In this context empty meant  it is not permanent of both space and time. Which meant that everything made up of the 5 skandas does not have a permanent self and will keep changing.

An example is a table. Although we see the form as a table which is solid, but if we zoom in at the sub atomic level, it is actually chaotic energy bouncing around. Empty of time would mean the same me 3 mins ago will never be the same me now as all my mental formations, cells change and die. I may be happy 3 mins ago but now I am sad. Thus by realising this truth that everything with the 5 skanda is empty of time and space, there is nothing to cling on to and crave, because the same thing we cling on to does not exist at all , we can be relived of all sufferings.