Day 6

Jumper 40%


Day 5

Layup left and right 80%

Zw jump shot 60%

Played 3 games with the other side. Neighbourhood players were damn relax. Think they are 20s only.

Basketball stats

Day 1

Mid range percentage 30%

Day 2

Mid range percentage 27%

Layup from left 90%

Layup from right 65%

Day 3 -estimated

Mid range 25%

Layup from left 80%

Layup from right 40%

Day 4

Mid range 26%

Layup from left 90%

Layup from right 80%

Resolutions – 2017

Short term resolutions (Days – 1 Week)

  1. Meditate once per day for at least 20 mins
  2. Reduce intake of meat and increase intake of health products
  3. Accompany my parents out at least twice a week

Medium term resolutions (Weeks – 1 Month)

  1. Read a book at least once every month
  2. Do not overthink and waste time on things and situations which are beyond me.
  3. Reduce my intake of alcohol (target twice per month) and exercise more instead

Long term resolutions (Months – 1 year)

  1. Learn to say no (includes lending people money) and tell the truth
  2. Learn to create own shampoo, toothpaste etc which are organic and rely less on buying off the shelf products
  3. Go for meditation classes

Lifetime resolutions (1 year – 10 years)

  1. Retire by 40
  2. Find someone who is your soulmate and never settle for less
  3. Target to be a meditation instructor