Career mistakes in life

In a flash of an eye I have been in the work force for 6 years. Time passes so fast, rewind back to 6 years ago, I was in a consulting firm grinding 12 – 16 hrs per day. But this experience also showed me what I was capable of but didn’t feel like doing.

The truth is I seemed to have lost the spark for IT now. Everyday is a drag going to work and I believe it to be true even if I were to change to another job. After reading the book signals I believe it’s time to do a career switch. 

Apart from career missteps, I have tried several side hustles,

1. Dot com culture – IT programming freelance firm

2. Fx trading

3. Carousell 

4. Dividends investing

5. Participating in LTA hackathon

6. Freelance tutor 

Out of which I am currently still doing the IT programming freelance, dividends investing and the freelance tutor. I may be trying to do too much things in too little time. Recently Singapore got an Olympic gold medal in Swimming. I’m damn proud of my country and from this 21 year old guy, I realised something, if you wanna get real good in something you will need to devote a lot of time in it. Thus my failure in some of my side hustles may be due to me trying to do too many things at one time.

Out of the 3 side hustles, only the tutor will require me to exchange my time for money. For the IT freelance business, it is just a collection of hosting fees every year. And for dividends investing, I will hope I can pay lesser time to monitor, so that it will also turn out to be the money never sleeps and earning even as I sleep, instead of my keep monitoring Everyday.

I have realised one thing, in work and in side hustles, you will need to understand yourself in order to proceed. I am more of a lazy guy who will not really work too hard in something I do not have passion in. Thus I’ll just slowly add get more customers to come and host with me and not overextend myself. For dividends investing, I have found a method which suits me very much. It’s like a hybrid of delisting/dividends investing.

Understand yourself and it will be a huge backing for you to thrive in life. Life is not about how much things you own or how many breaths you take. It’s always about the moments which take your breath away. For me I know I will never be able to become an Olympic gold medalist. However, my olympic moment is when my dividends/ IT freelance business can generate enough cash flow every month for my living expenses, that’s when you have your own moment which you will be free of all the shackles to do whatever you want.

What is your Olympic moment?