Dividends 2016

Recently, I have rediscovered back my old found “hobby”, which is watching the financial news. Used to read and watch lots of financial news 3-4 years ago, somehow the enthusiasm faded away. Perhaps due to financial news only serves as an entertainment rather then for real news.

2015 was the year which I got vested in my dividends heavy portfolio. Below is the dividends expected and not confirmed.


  1. STI ETF – 0.051 per share


  1. Keppel DC REITS – 0.0328 per share
  2. First REITS – 0.0209 per share
  3. Nam Lee Pressed Metals – 0.025 per share


  1. 30 Year Sg Govt Bonds – 1.375 per share


  1. M1 – 0.083 per share


  1. First REITS – 0.0209 per share


  1. M1 – 0.07 per share
  2. PM Data – 0.05 per share
  3. STI ETF – 0.0514 per share
  4. First REITS – 0.0209 per share
  5. Keppel DC REITS – 0.0328 per share


  1. 30 Year Sg Govt Bonds – 1.375 per share


  1. First REITS – 0.0209 per share

Months which do not have dividends are June, July, October, December. Heavy payout ones are Feb and August. Cheers to 2016.


Feb 2016 portfolio update

After reading and understanding my own temperament, managed to come back from the previous SCB fiasco and the strengthening of the CHF. Tweaked a bit here and there and there it is my 2016 portfolio.

portfolio update feb 2016

Portfolio has been down due to the drag in gold, silver and M1. These are the stocks in my watch list now.

  1. Berkshire Hathaways – One of the best money managers in the whole world managing this company, this looks more like an index instead of just a single company. If you believe in the american economy, I believe this could be one of those sit back and relax type of investment.
  2. New toyo – Classic cigar butt company, however last year’s results were not that good
  3. Fortune Reits – Selling below NAV by quite a huge margin, however as the assets are overseas (HK), more research is required
  4. Suntec Reits – Selling below NAV by almost 30%,does it get kind of fishy that both fortune reits and suntec reits are below NAV and they are both managed by ARA?
  5. Nam Lee pressed metals – Classic cigar butt company, will look to add in some more to my portfolio.
  6. Hong Fok – Will this prove to be another value trap yet again, with prices dropping to 0.67, there might be value to be found here.