The broken stuff never heals


Broken stuff never heals, your body merely produces enough scar tissues for you to live with it. You just get used to it over time.



Big trends predictions

Currently I am approaching the middle of my billing cycle and I have used an excess of 300 mb of data. Apps created now are data hungry, and telcos are making use of this trend to gain more profits. Telcos no longer have 12gb plans as apps are the game changers which change even the old school telephone call. I am wondering to myself now, with every download and swipe, I am now paying the Telco. As much of the data is created in the past few years, I expect the trend to keep increasing as companies find more ways to use big data to market products, this will in turn drive up data hungry apps and telcos should benefit in the long run due to this being just the beginning of the big trend.

Secondly is the data centres themselves, I used to work in a company that has only 50mb of email space, and just recently they have swapped over to a 5gb cloud based emails. The reason many companies have chosen to use cloud is due to the infrastructure investment which is now redundant. They can just pay $5 per email account to outsource this to another data centre company which would handle the infrastructure at their end. There will be some trade offs such as the data may not be secured etc…… But I see this becoming less and less of an issue, or it may be due to companies just pretend to overlook this fact. With so much data being created in the past few years, I believe data centres are also in a great position to leverage on this trend.

The third trend is of healthcare, people are getting more and more health conscious with fitness centres sprouting up and packages such as pg package, Chas card and medishield life. With the greying population, and the fact that most household now have 2 working adults, the old are placed in hospices and old folks home as we have became a society which cannot survive if one of the working parents do not have a job. The silver hair tsunami, I believe would make healthcare another area of a big trend.