Exceeded mobile data

Posted this post on my mobile phone exceeded data plan. My plan only has 3gb of free data.
From where you go, you can observe around you, people are turning to their cell phones, human interaction is getting lesser and lesser.


I am also guilty of this. Becoming a cell phone addict at home and looking at all sorts of info which are irrelevant to my life. Somehow the itch to keep presssing on the phone is just there. All these require discipline and I believe as our country becomes more and more developed, human interaction becomes lesser and lesser. This also distracts us from what we are going to achieve, as a result, we become a slave to the device instead of the device serving us.
Some resolutions I would like to have coming this July.
1. Slow down in replying to what’s app
2. Try to not be a nomophobian, our minds should not be thinking of new info all the time.
3. With 1 and 2 in place, I hope I can save on the mobile data plan and not live the rest of my life glued to a screen.


A small thought about karma

Recently, something happened which made me lost my cool, however my buddhist teacher taught me about the laws of karma and made me realised how certain things were set into motion. His example goes like this.

Imagine a person being caught by the police for something he did not do and was sentenced to jail, it may seemed unfair in this life, but if you extrapolate out the lifetimes you have been reborn in, you have caused the karma for this to happen to you in this lifetime. There is not much we can do to stop this unfairness as it is just simply karma ripening. What we can do is merely do more good deeds to dilute our negative karma. Do not look at unfairness too objectively as this will allow anger to take over you and lose your cool. We cannot stop things from happening but we are able to control how we respond to it and this will make all the difference.

Purchase of Keppel DC Reits

Decided to buy a small position in Keppel Data Centre Reits to invest in the trend of big data and cloud computing. The pros and cons of Keppel DC Reits.


1. Good Gearing Ratio – 26% Do not need to issue rights to dilute shareholdings as it still have some more room for more debt

2. Good dividends Yield – 6%

3. Big data and cloud computing seems like they have more room to grow.


1. Keppel Reits have a history to dump assets to the Reits – Look at K-Reits price history

2. Above NAV

3. Play on technology is always risky – Remembering the dot com bubble, what if someday some technology makes data centres obsolete.

4. Interest Rates are expected to rise and this will cause the price of Reits to theoretically fall as investors request for more yield for taking risks.

Capita Comercial trust

CapitaComercial Reits

Type : Comercial, Ofiice
Current Price : 1.535

NAV : 1.7 – Retireved from reitdata.com
Yield : 5.524% (Moderate) – Retireved from reitdata.com
Gearing 29.9% – Retireved from reitdata.com
(Very Good)
Price to NAV ratio: 0.9 – Undervalued in terms of NAV
WALE (Weighted average lease expiry) : 8.1 Years (Very Good)
WADM (Weighted average debt maturity) : 928 Million expiring at 2016 (Not good)
Forex Risk : No
Stapled Security : No
Technical Analysis below 20,50, 100 SMA (Downtrend)

Do not catch the Reit when it is in a downtrend. Wait for the selling to complete.

Keppel Data Centre Reit

Keppel DC Reits

Type : Data Centre
Current Price : 1.045

NAV : 0.87 – Retireved from reitdata.com
Yield : 6.16% – Retireved from reitdata.com
(Over valued – Not good)
Gearing 26.7% – Retireved from reitdata.com
(Very Good)
Price to NAV ratio: 1.207 – Overvalued in terms of NAV
WALE (Weighted average lease expiry) : 7.8 Years (Very Good)
WADM (Weighted average debt maturity) : 4.4 Years
Forex Risk : Yes
Stapled Security : No

Technical Analysis : Below 20, 50 and above 100 SMA
High dependancy on IT services as its main customer

Bad in that it is above NAV, however have good yield and gearing.

2 stock picks vested in 2015

Recently got vested in 2 stocks. Created this entry to keep track of why I bought into this stocks so if it does not work out a few years later, I can refer back to this post for what doesn’t work.
1) M1
2) Powermatic data system

This stock was sold down from close to $4 to $3.20. Reason was there were reports on Singapore wanting a 4th Telco, thus the banks started releasing reports on it expecting it to fall to $2.80. Based on my 2 years of experience in the stock market, these analysts are rarely correct, thus it may be a good time to load up on a stock if you believe it to be stable. A few reasons why I got vested in this stock.

1. Dividends warrior got vested in it at the  3.60 range. If you do not know dividend warrior is a blogger who champions investing In dividend yielding stocks. His picks are normally government related companies which are blue chips and are more stable.

2. However (1) was not the main reason why I was vested in this stock. I have analysed its dividends payment and it happens to have a good track record of paying dividends.

3. My holding period for this stock is 10 years, thus as long as it generates close to 5% yield, and its business does not change too much, I will remain vested in it.

4. Telcos are currently a cash cow business with not much disruptions to its business model. I can’t see much ways they will be heading into a loss financially.

As you can see there is not much analysis except for its dividend payment pattern. If this does not turn out well a few years down the road, this post will serve as a guide not to do investing in this way. Vested in M1 at $3.53.

Powermatic data system
Have been following this stock for a long time and was vested in it. However decided to buy more or it for the below reasons.
1. I have calculated its net tangible assets to be $0.27 – based on the real building price instead of the price which they have bought it. Will be divesting this stock once it reaches the $0.27-$0.29 range. (Cnav analysis)

2. 7 years of dividends payment. I will expect them to be paying around 5% dividends this year as well.

3. Huge margin of safety based on the cnav.

Next will be doing analysis on a few stocks in my watch list.

1. Keppel dc reits
2. Capitacomercial reits
3. Fortune reits
4. Metro holdings
5. Nam Lee pressed metal
6. New toyo

Can take my time as I do not have so much cash to invest in all of them currently.