Bought VWRD : Vanguard FTSE all world


Bought VWRD : Vanguard FTSE all world on the weakness of the market due to the Russian Ruble collapse. Magnus Energy fell to 0.004 and thus the spreadsheet was unable to capture the correct pricing. I will leave it as it is as I have bought into Magnus Energy when I was ignorant and wanted to play with the penny stocks market. It has now become a freezer or stuck counter


Portfolio – Dec 2014


Portfolio Dropped 9.2% as of Dec – 2014, mainly due to the drop in gold and silver prices as I got vested in the high end at $1600 and $29 respectively. Weakness of portfolio is the overweight in property counters and precious metals.

Investing notes for 2015

1.  To reduce or maintain precious metal  percentage without adding on to new positions, firstly due to the fact that precious metals do not give out cash flow or dividends. Only reason I should add on to a precious metal position would be to re balance the Permanent portfolio.

2.  It will be inevitable that most of my stock picks will be in the property sector due to the fact that I am using an undervalued net tangible asset approach, focus will be more on companies which give out perpetual dividends in order to get vested safely.

Metro Holdings

metro holdings

A back of the envelope calculation would show that the NTA / Share is at 0.8869.

Guess Singaporeans would have known this company called Metro. However most of us would not know what the main bulk of their business is doing. This is an company which was listed in the 90s and have been giving dividends since 1993 without skipping dividends. This alone is an amazing feat for a Singapore Listed company.

Let us now take a look at their dividends since 2004.

2004 – 0.02

2005 – 0.02

2006 – 0.05

2007 – 0.09

2008 – 0.01

2009 – 0.02

2010  – 0.05

2011 – 0.03

2012 – 0.06

2013 – 0.04

2014 – 0.06 (6.74% based on last done price at 0.89)

Although there is no clear uptrend of dividend growth, strategy would be to get vested in this counter, collect dividends while waiting for value to be unlocked. Value trap or Value bet? Only time can tell, thus do not go all in but just nibble on this as there is no clear dividends policy although company have more than 20 years of dividends history and have not skipped even for a year. What I am not comfortable in is the large amount of investments in China. Let’s hope this nibble will prove to be fruitful.

Lego Investment

Although this may sound weird as the word investment would mean stocks, bonds, forex, commodities, etc, but lego is a damn good investment. Strategy is simple, buy some lego, store them somewhere and then wait for it to appreciate in value due to and then sell them in the Ebay. These are some of the metrics which I will use to consider as an appreciating Lego set.

1. Are there unique mini figs?

2. Is it due to retire soon?

3. Is it of a Marvel / DC / Star wars set?

4. Does the set costs more than 10 cents per lego piece?

5. Is it a limited edition set?

Once it has more than 3 points, I will purchase the set on Amazon and then wait for it to appreciate it value and sell it on Ebay.

Networth Allocation

Decided to create a net worth allocation to do some of my own financial planning and investment strategy.

net worth pyramid

This is a good way for me to keep track so I will not be over leveraging on some risky investments.

1) Passive investments – 60%  I have this portfolio in the Permanent portfolio (25% STI Index, 25% 30 years Singapore Government bonds, 25% Gold ETF, 25% Bank Cash). Reason is due to it’s track record of providing a safe cushion while still increasing your returns safely. Spare cash in the bank  is also placed in this portion for calculation.

2) Blue Chips / Undervalued Dividend yielders / growers – 25%. This portion of the portfolio would be dedicated to blue chip stocks or undervalued dividend growers below NTA per share. The stock would then be put through a round of my own point system test to differentiate between putting them in this basket or portion 3 which is more high risk. These questions are more centered to dividends paying and the stock’s friendliness to shareholders. Only those which are more than 4.5 points will be placed in this portion. (Example includes Heeton holdings)

dividends growers

3) Undervalued – 10%. This portion would contain undervalued counters which pay out no dividends or random dividends and fall below 4.5 points in portion 2. We can still invest in those counters which are deemed as undervalued. (Example includes Powermatic data system, LTC corp and Hong Fok)

4)  Speculative – 5%. All the CFD, FX, and IPO stags / Penny stocks will be placed in this portion and is limited to 5% of your total net worth