Rich Dad Poor Dad

Perhaps the most important chart from reading Rich Dad Poor Dad


The balance sheet on the left refers to a normal working class person’s balance sheet. The income comes from salary and is used to pay off liabilities and repeats itself.

The balance sheet on the right refers to a rich person, who uses his income to purchase even more assets which generate income.

Decided to do a cash flow analysis of my own

My Income Statement
income statement

My Balance Sheet
balance sheet

Some ideas I have to increase my asset column for the year 2014

1. REITS – This asset class will give stable income quarterly, however currently I do not have this expertise to analyze this asset class yet.

2. Dividends stocks – Dividends wohoo……

3. Value investing – Attempting to do a demo trade this for a year (started in 1st May 2014 – Hopefully by May-2015 this demo account shows me that this strategy works)

My demo portfolio below

4. Invest CPF using IVY portfolio strategy. Would need to find 5 assets classes which can replace the ivy portfolio ETFs which can be found in SGX. Lots of back testing still needs to be done.

– US index
– Foreign Index
– Commodities Index
– 10 year Bonds
– Real Estate Index

5. Trade FX weekly charts

6. Continue my permanent portfolio allocation (25% STI, 25% 30 yr govt bonds, Gold, Cash)

just do your best, your time will come.




It’s been a while. Had a lot going for me this year.

1. Kinda ended a toxic friendship – Kinda feels great.

2. Kinda got my ass and started a startup with a few of my friends – You never know what you can’t do until you try

3. Became more optimistic due to more reading of books such as rich dad poor dad – Well if you can’t beat them, join them or exploit the loopholes instead of wallowing in self pity.

4. Planned my finances such as expense, savings, investments etc. – Yeah early retirement, hopefully (At least I tried)

Hope this will be a deciding year for me. More good years ahead.