What a difference a holiday would make to your life! After my holidays at Thailand, came back feeling refreshed and got my MOJO back. Worked out for a while and then realized that life is actually quite beautiful if you ignore what you can’t control. Theoretically nasty people are the most important people in your life because they are like sandpaper sanding a rock, after which you end up being polished.

Did a recap of my goals thus far. SG dividends portfolio is now generating enough dividends to pay for my monthly insurance and income tax. Bought and sold Apple and bought Microsoft and started my US portfolio with 1 tech stock. There were some gems which i let go too early to lock in gains, as soon as I let go, they rocketed. However life is often like this, you win some you lose some, but with the profit I bought fortune reits, manulife reits and microsoft and added more to my position on first reits. With Fortune Reits, Manulife Reits and Microsoft, I can finally participate in global investing.

Did an analysis on unhappy people around me in the office. What I noticed was that they seemed to always have a high for feeling happier. Eg a colleague keeps thinking about if only his counterpart were to treat him better, he would be able to achieve more in the company. Another one was that she was never happy with what the client provided her, and kept complaining. After analyzing, I realized that happiness might just be something simple which is to let life flow. Don’t attempt to control it. Work as if you do not need the job 🙂


portfolio pie chart


Psych Life part 4

The delivery of happiness in a box arrived 10 minutes later flying through A’s window in a drone. Psych life app was calibrating A’s endorphin, dopamine and Sertonin, oxytocin level.

The drone scanned A’s facial structure and verified his identity and flew off.

A opened the bx and found a box of instant chocolate fondue, a bottle of chilled champagne and a VR headset. A put on the Vr Head set and was suddenly transported to a location similar to the one in his facebook picture. He was virtually accompanied by many people in a party.

The scene was then switched to the scene of him opening the champagne with the headset on.

His dopamine and serotonin level went higher as he smiled to the headset and watched the virtual party and immersed himself in it. he then downed the last glass of champagne and fell asleep on his sofa smiling.

The VR headset then started detecting his happiness index level and sends a signal to the psych life app on his cell phone.

Psych life part 3

Location / activity : this next scene shows A driving in his car while the smart phone vibrated. A then reaches home and is greeted by a Siri sounding artificial Intelligence software which we later know as the psych life app.

Siri : welcome home A

A : give me a summary of my health index and today’s events Siri

Siri: there has been an anomaly in your psych index , it spiked at 20% while Josh was talking to you and it has been unstable since.

A: well it was probably due to the fact I was working with a whole bunch of imbeciles. ……. Enough of this, Siri is there anything I should do to keep my psych index back to the healthy range.

Siri : you would probably like to order a happiness in a box set, we have specially data mine all your social networks and geospatial data to specifically derive at…….

A: just send it to me now. I’m feeling so lousy right now. 

Siri : would your like to purchase it with our special tie in partner amazon and then complete the purchase with Android Pay, this would be the best option. 

A: ok whatever you say Siri

Siri: would you like to set these 2 settings as default , so I will not be asking you again. 

A: please do Siri.

After which the app begin flipping through A’s social media pictures and stopped at a pictures titled the happiest day in my life. A was smiling with his fiance B and eating chocolate fondue.

psych life – part 2

3 months later

Our main character of the story , A is a beta tester for the psych life device. This device consists of a wearable band like device connected to your smart phone app and also a psych pod. The psych pod will be further explained in future parts.  A is a sales consultant working in a high performing firm.

The purpose of naming him A is because we want to show that using too much technologies until it consumes his life he becomes nothing rather then a robot or a number, this the simple naming.

Location / activity : this scene shows A inside a meeting with his manager multi tasking between answering queries from people in the meeting , then he takes out his smart phone to reply to another query and then finally a vibration sound is heard on his phablet to remind him to go for another meeting in 30 mins time.

Manager (Josh) : great job , A. As we move onto the information era, people will be our most important resource , I hope everyone here can learn from A and become as high performing as him. 

A: thanks Josh it’s all thanks to this. (Action of pointing to his wearable tech on his left wrist ) 

Psych life wearable band is a device that can measure your body blood pressure, heart beat etc and from these and the app’s connection to all your social media and emails, it has an algorithm to data mine and perform analytics on what motivates and makes a particular individual happy. It will then proceed with suggestions to you for you to lower down your stress level etc…… In this way an individual can continuing working without feeling the stress for too long. Do note that this is still in beta testing .

This scene ends with A leaving the meeting room while His mobile phone suddenly beeps and his psych life app showing psych level exceed……

Psych life – part 1

This is the first part of a fiction storyline which I have thought about which is quite in line with a series called black mirror. Just writing for fun. Enjoy.

Location / activity : conference by a biotech company similar to apple wwdc. Today they are unveiling a product called psych life. Now the CEO is explaining about this technology.

CEO : And now we have come to the end of the unveiling of psych life. I hope to end this conference with a quote from the most legendary visionary who has ever walked this earth.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that do.

CEO : with this I announce the end of the psych life world wide conference 2025 and we shall all look forward to a world of no sadness and conflicts as soon as 3 months later when psych life hits the stores soon. Have a nice evening. 

Finally clocked enough dividends and closing positions to lock in profits to offset all my previous losses from speculation and forex trading. From today onwards will focus on what I am better at , which is dividends stocks and value stocks. 

my heart sutra journey 1


while practicing deeply withthe Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore,suddenly discovered that all of the five Skandhas are equally empty,and with this realisation he overcame all Ill-being.

The 5 skandas are

  • Material Form (rūpa)
  • Feelings (vedanā)
  • Perception (saññā)
  • Mental Formations (saṅkhāra)
  • Consciousness (viññāṇa)

Material is form the other 4 are mental. Everything in the universe is made up of all these 5 skandas. In short everything is either form or mental or both.

Empty in this has a context. For example if you have a cup full of water and you drink it, now the cup is empty of water but it is full of air. In this context empty meant  it is not permanent of both space and time. Which meant that everything made up of the 5 skandas does not have a permanent self and will keep changing.

An example is a table. Although we see the form as a table which is solid, but if we zoom in at the sub atomic level, it is actually chaotic energy bouncing around. Empty of time would mean the same me 3 mins ago will never be the same me now as all my mental formations, cells change and die. I may be happy 3 mins ago but now I am sad. Thus by realising this truth that everything with the 5 skanda is empty of time and space, there is nothing to cling on to and crave, because the same thing we cling on to does not exist at all , we can be relived of all sufferings.