Current Database design. Not sure can be enhanced to be better or not.

– name of table will be the name of the coin we want to extract

Fields to be extracted as follows

1. Date
2. open
3. Close
4. High
5. low
6. Percentage (Calculated on the fly after cron job completes at 0000hrs – Formula : (Open -close ) / Open )


Crypto currency portfolio

My Crypto currency portfolio is finally complete, and the below is my holdings percentage. My portfolio dropped about 2.5% due to the drop in bitcoin price after the SEGWIT2X saga. Think this is the end of my buying in this year. Shall sit back and just “go to a beach”. Core portfolio would be the 3 coins, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin.



In the previous part, I have mentioned about governments being to entrenched into the economy such that they have the power to choose what happens to the value of money. In order for them to retain in power, it would be in their best interest to make the citizens happy while still “taxing” them in secret. This taxing is done in the form of inflation. After the 2007 Lehman brothers collapse, the US government begin 3 rounds of quantitative easing. However the citizens do not have much say in this, as the money supply is controlled by the federal reserve. In a span of a few years, their purchasing power dropped and savers were being punished, as collectively just being a user of the US dollar, they are now being “taxed” by inflation to bail out the “Too big to fail banking sector”. In this situation, the smart money ran into the safe havens of Gold and Silver and also other previous metals. I believed this only benefited the well informed and financially savvy citizens, which I believed should be rich people, and not the everyday working middle class.



Luckily I did not think that QE ran into hyperinflation in the USA. The irony about QE is that this might have been the catalyst to make america great again. With more cheap money flowing around, coupled with low interest rates, US corporations would have more incentives to expand with this additional capital, thus in turn this would have created more jobs due to more innovation. The explosion of the information era also meant that the world had simply became flatter. What used to take weeks to complete, could be done in a matter of hours or even minutes. This enabled productivity to thrive.


The USA managed to come back from its troubles, however not all money printing would have the same effect. In 2008, the Zimbabwe government scrapped its currency as hyperinflation was rearing its ugly head, and soon their country’s currency was hyper inflated so much that it became kind of useless. Recently, I have heard news that people in their country are buying up bitcoin to the extent of paying almost 100% more of it’s value as compare to other crypto currency exchanges. Although this is not in their best interest, as their citizens are overpaying for bitcoin, I think this is a start of their cut away from their government’s failure in moving their economy and of hyper inflation caused by the government. Bad Governments are always a con for centralization. Not sure how much impact this would actually make to them, but I hope it is somewhere in the positive light.


Next is tokenization, with tokenization, everything can be converted into a token, and the small guy who wanted to have a stake in his community or any idea ,which means something to him, is finally able to do so by putting a small sum of money into that idea by a means of an ICO. An ICO is some sort like an unregulated IPO using crypto currency as the funding mechanism. With tokenization, I believe it will increase personal responsibility. With everyone having the thought of personal responsibility, instead of relying on a centralized party such as the government or banking corporations, I hope this tokenization wave will invoke the next form of human evolution and perform acts which should be beneficial to the community he has a stake in.



We have all grown accustomed to each generation criticizing the next generation and somehow some of the hate spews to us if we belong in the later generation camp. However much of the hate can be soothed, if we were to take a more logical approach to look at the things around us and finally we should be able to realize that we are actually living in one of the best era now.

The best era, that is a very bold statement to be making. I am making this statement due to the fact that I believe your thoughts would further impact your actions and your life moving forward, thus just by having this thought that this is the best era, you might actually perform actions which would bring out the best in you and make this the best era for yourself. Secondly, I truly believes it is the best era regardless of what generation you are from.

Firstly, it is the invention of internet. Secondly is because of something called a crypto currency which is powered by the internet, and more specifically the blockchain. Before I elaborate more on it, I wish to talk a bit on the Japan deflation of the 80s. Japan had a property and stock market bursting which brought it’s economy to its knees. Japanese started becoming huge savers of the Japanese yen as during that time there was no inflation, 100 yen now could buy you even more things further down, thus saving money was the smart thing to do. However this created a problem for companies as nobody wishes to spend, thus companies needed to slash its prices as an incentive for people to spend and this thus spiraled into lower profits for the companies and led to lower wages and with lower wages people could spend lesser. We have all been thought that money was one of the most valuable thing, however if you were to look at it logically, the more valuable the currency is, the worst the economy you are in would be and the less of the currency you would be earning in the near future.


Secondly i would like to talk about a capitalism society like the USA, after Richard Nixon lifted the US dollar peg at $35 to one ounce of gold, fractional reserve banking came into effect, where the US dollar was not pegged to anything. The US dollar went off the cliff to losing it’s purchasing power. We call this inflation. A dollar now could not buy more in the future, thus this spurred a wave of furious spending as it seemed more logical to spend money now then in the future. In the long run, because of inflation, wages also increased and people were generally more happy than the first example in Japan. Although I would say that this was rather government robbing people by inflation.

U.S. Dollar Purchasing Power

Thirdly now with these 2 set of ideology and the different stage of the economy, I believe people are generally happier living in an inflationary environment, whereby their salary keeps on increasing (however always unable to keep up with inflation), I guess humans love an increase in things, and this emotion of being in an improving state makes them feel like they are moving along in life and thus spur economic spending and thus further inflate the salary of someone else. This is a kind of butterfly effect. However historically if I am shopping, I would love for my currency to be in a deflationary state, as it is able to purchase more tomorrow. So my thought is people love earning in inflationary terms, however we all love discounts, thus we love spending in deflationary states. In the past this was not possible, however with the invent of crypto currencies (Provided it does not implode and crash) , the storing of wealth to crypto would actually allow us to spend in a deflationary state, while still maintaining our inflationary earning power.
perm port

I guess at the end, few may agree with me. This is just my own thoughts and I hope to look back at this post 20 years later to see if I am right or wrong.

Recently had a shift in portfolio allocation. Finally completed the allocation for year 2017. Nothing better to do so i went to count the number of lego bricks I still had, it was a whooping 1.19% of my portfolio. What would happen if the bricks were included as my portfolio? Without further ado, this is the final portfolio including weird alternative investments.


Would like to spend the next spaces to talk about my alternative investments.

    1. Lego

Used to have a valuation model for the lego sets which I stored in my home, I valued each piece of brick at $0.10, thus when I see a set which had 400 pieces but was only retailing at $23, it was super undervalued and I bought it if it fulfilled the following criteria that it was a set which had a fan base behind it. Apparently, sets which had star wars, iron man and batman were always a hit. Superman not so. My best bet was an unexpected delorean time machine which retailed at $23 USD but when I kept it for a year was now valued at $100 SGD. On hindset, this was a no brainer, 400 pieces selling at 230 pieces price, it was super undervalued at that time. I underestimated the hype of back to the future at that time as I did not even watch a single episde myself. I have stopped investing in Lego as there were simply too many sellers now and people can’t wait to get rid of their existing stocks and there are simply no more of such undervalued sets with the USD spiking.


    2. DOGE coin

Waiting for the BTC fork to complete and then hoping that this would moon.


    3. GAME Credits

Punting on this with this UNITY news. With this I believe is one of the best use case for a crypto currency.


    4. EOS

I can’t find any reason for this now. But simply was vested lol. I probably love the screen so much. This must be another gamble.


Would like to change some of my targets as well as comment on the rest

1. Buy more crypto currency to hit 15% of (4)Commodities (Gold, Silver and crypto currencies)
Realised I was really low on cash now, thus changed it to 10% and considered done

2. Stop purchasing stocks this year
Not gonna buy 🙂

3. Save some cash in my bank.
With the crypto buy in, it really sucked in a lot of my cash, for the next 2 months, I will just sit on the sidelines

4. Start a list of stocks to analyse for next year

5. Look at mega trends and try to find and capitalize on them (Eg IOT and AI)Not done yet 🙂

Crypto conversations

With so much hype going around in the crypto-currency world, its hard not to get into conversations about it with friends, colleagues etc. I have categorized them into 3 types of camps for this genre of conversation.

    Camp 1 : The unbelievers

I used to be one of them as well when I did not really understand what was driving this price. I thought I was being smart by being out of this market as it felt like tulip mania all over again. People in this camp are usually risk adverse and will usually skip investing altogether. They felt even investing in blue chip tech stocks are risky and prefer putting their money in a bank or just investing in government bonds. Usually they are not the first adopters of technology and will only try out an app if most of their friends are using it.

    Camp 2 : The strong believers / first adopters/ investors

This camp is split into 2 subgroups, one who are the investors and one who are the championing the use of this technology. You can be in both subgroups if you are both an investor plus also an early adopter of this technology. The former most likely used to be traders of FX or stocks or even speculators of penny stocks or gamblers. While the later are most probably tech people, most likely programmers who are intrigued by this technology. Normally people in the 2nd subgroup will put their money in Ethereum if they ever invest in crypto currency.

    Camp 3 : The I don’t know camp

This camp is normally people who knows the price of a bitcoin, however do not really understand the technology behind it. However if you are willing to explain the technology behind it to them, they will be quite open to listen and then either further upgrade to camp 2 or relegate back to camp 1 if their own personal values do not align with the values of the crypto community. People in this camp will not stay in this camp for long and will either switch over to 1 or 2 very soon. This is just a temporary camp.